Kristi Kollar is a college student and a single mother from sexual assault. She is available to speak on sexual assault awareness, pro-life topics, women dealing with mental and physical health, the lack of educational accommodations for mothers, and anti-suicide support.

As an actress, Kristi has played a role in the movie “TAKE TWO”. It is a full length featured film and true life story about her father finding his daughter. She is currently in her dream College and Conservatory – AMDA, school in New York City. Kristi has a vision of helping women with empowerment, and pro-life advocacy and is available for speaking engagements. Please contact Personhood Education NY, for a very heartwarming speaker, Kristi Kollar.


Robert is a unique motivational speaker on Fatherhood.

With over 35 years in the entertainment industry, God had other plans for Robert Kollar. Having a huge conversion in his life after finding his daughter, Robert embarked on the story telling of his life as a speaker on Fatherhood. Working as a director, producer, writer and actor, he has created a new movie company “Movies With A Mission/Cornerstone Productions” ( Interweaving real life and spiritual experiences as he traveled to far away lands, several screenplays for both screen and stage, are currently in development.  

“TAKE TWO”, is a completed, full featured film based on the true life spiritual story about Robert and his now 20 year old daughter, Kristi Kollar. It is a story that begins in tragedy and leads to a joyful salvation. 

Continuing his work for God, Robert’s movies are all faith based. Currently in development is the upcoming Pro-Life film; “SCENE 3” (the continuing story of “TAKE TWO”) about Adeline and Kristi (after sexual assault). Also “TAKE TWO” is currently going into world-wide distribution.

Besides the sequel to “TAKE TWO” are “STEALING BROOMTAILS” (a western about modern-day horse theft and parenting), and “IF ANY MAN – The Adoniram Judson Story” (the true story of America’s first foreign missionary, set in Burma during the early 1800’s).

Personhood New York has partnered with Robert’s movie company, that would help support and provide skills to the inner city youth of New York City. Combining the “Pillars of Personhood” pro-life educational program together with movie making skills, Camp Personhood is being launched this Summer.

Contact Personhood Education New York, for more information or to book Robert Kollar at your next pro-life event. 

Robert Kollar – 2/22/2020 – 40 Days For Life Kick-Off Event in New York 35.36 min.